Catheter Delivers Embolics, Contrast Media in Difficult to Access Vessels


April 13, 2010

A 5 French, 75 cm catheter with a primary curve and a flexible 1 cm tip makes it easier for precise and stable placement in renal, mesenteric or abdominal catheterization procedures. The Gandras Visci-G catheter is also designed to deliver embolic materials and radiopaque media to selected sites in visceral vascular territories.

The tight primary curve allows easy access of bilateral arteries through a single 5 French arterial introducer, and standard microcatheters can then be delivered through the catheter to access distal regions. It can be used in clinical cases such as gastointestinal hemorrhages, endograft leaks, and anytime operators have difficulty seating a catheter in an artery that braches off the aorta.

The catheter is available worldwide. It was released in the United States in April 2010.

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