Catheter Doubles Clot-Removing Power, Offered in RE Platform


August 30, 2006

The Spiroflex VG Catheter provides over twice the clot removing power compared to the 4F XMI and Spiroflex catheters. It is also the first AngioJet catheter of its size to be offered in a Rapid Exchange platform.

Utilizing its proprietary Spiroflex shaft technology, the catheter benefits from several design improvements made to the most recent generation of Possis Medical products. The catheter offers improved trackability inside the vessel and includes tip and hub improvements found on the recently introduced Spiroflex catheter.

The Spiroflex VG Catheter is now fully released for sale in the U.S. for peripheral use and Possis will submit for coronary approval in the U.S. in the near future. International CE Mark approval for coronary and peripheral use is pending.