Catheter Indicated for Removal of Thrombus


August 30, 2006

The Rio aspiration catheter is indicated for use in the removal of thrombus from vessels throughout the body and can be used with other interventional devices, such as those used to place stents.

The device is composed of two lumens. The primary lumen is used to extract the thrombus. It is open on one end and attached via an extension tube to a 20mL locking syringe on the other. The syringe is used to apply suction and aspirate the thrombus from the vessel.

The second lumen accommodates a guide wire, which is used to move the catheter into position within the target artery. The device is compatible with large-lumen 6F guide catheters (minimum .070-inch inner diameter). The catheter shaft, which becomes more flexible toward the tip, is designed to help reduce trauma to the vessel and facilitate navigation through tortuous anatomies. A radiopaque marker on the tip further assists in successful maneuvering and placement of the device, the company states.