Live Clinician X-Ray Dose Monitoring System Introduced


December 4, 2009

In an effort to lower clinician radiation exposure in the cath lab, Philips Healthcare offers the DoseAware system, which displays the real-time dose each clinician receives and alerts them when they enter the radiation field.

DoseAware delivers real-time visualization, display and tracking of clinical staff X-ray dose to help healthcare professionals manage their exposure on the spot. Staff members wear a radiation detecting badge and their real-time detection level is shown on a screen attached to the cath lab monitors. When a clinician enters the radiation field, the screen warns the clinicians so they can take precautions to avoid exposure.

The system data is stored and can be used to generate reports on each staff member’s exposure and trending information on particular cath lab rooms.

The clinical tool is part of the Allura Xper angiography imaging system.

The system was introduced in November 2009.

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