Contrast Delivery System Enhances Cost Efficiencies


September 7, 2007

Combining all features of the ACIST CMS and Voyager systems onto one platform, the ACIST CVi Contrast Delivery System for cardiovascular angiographic procedures enhances the ease

of contrast and saline injection for physicians, nurses and technicians.

The ACIST CVi Contrast Delivery System serves as one injection system for all cardiac and vascular angiography procedures. Its fourth-generation technology re-

portedly provides ease of use for staff, while obtaining images with less contrast used.

According to the manufacturer, the ACIST CVi delivers up to 28 percent less contrast dosage to the patient than manual delivery methods of hand-held manifolds and fixed-rate power injectors, resulting in up to 40 percent savings on reduction of contrast use.

Synchronization capabilities are part of this integrated system, further enhancing the flexible platform. The lower-profile, table-mountable injector and extendable control panel can be placed where it is needed most and with less interference.