CT Software Enables Dose Lowering by 70 Percent


December 31, 2008

The Clarity CT Solution, by Sapheneia, a global, ISO-certified imaging services company specializing in diagnostic and analytical image processing solutions, is a CE Class IIb medical device designed to enhance the diagnostic quality of images based on settings optimized by the radiologist. This allows physicians to lower radiation dose exposures. By enhancing the lower-dose CT images, Clarity CT Solution provides radiologists with the diagnostic confidence previously available only when reading the same images at full dose.

The Sapheneia Clarity product-line is said to provide a complete solution for tunable, anatomy-specific image-optimization, enabling lower radiation dose protocols for CT data acquisition while maintaining diagnostic quality.

Its key features, according to the manufacturer are:
- Enables reduction of radiation dose by 20 - 80 percent depending on anatomy
- Adheres to the ALARA principle - as low radiation dose as reasonably achievable without compromising clinical diagnostic value
- Improves the visibility of anatomic structures in computerized tomography images obtained at ultra-low radiation exposure levels
- Especially relevant for the examination of pediatric patients where radiation dose should be kept to a minimum
- Increased image quality for the examination of obese patients, as the x-ray generator often can not yield high enough exposures to generate good quality data for this patient category