Device Helps Diagnose Sleep Apnea Outside of a Sleep Lab


April 2, 2010

Integrating a sleep disorder diagnostic tool into hospital cardiac care, GE Healthcare offers the MARS Virtual Sleep Lab (VSL). It is the first device to provide a streamlined view of quantitative cardiac and sleep apnea analysis from any GE-monitored inpatient bed, helping enhance speed of diagnosis.

Powered by the WideMed Ltd. Morpheus Hx sleep apnea diagnosis program, the system enables OSA diagnosis right from the hospital bed. This transforms in-patient rooms into virtual sleep labs, and enables a bedside diagnosis by improving utilization of monitored data to provide diagnostic information. Connecting the WideMed automated sleep analysis system to hospital monitors achieves results highly correlated with the standard test conducted in sleep labs.

MARS VSL automatically reports on clinical data that is critical for making a sleep apnea diagnosis, such as apnea hypopnea index, sleep staging and respiratory events. Following a sleep apnea diagnosis, an AutoPAP device can be prescribed while the patient is still in the hospital. This increases the chance that OSA patients can begin treatment before other complications develop.

The system also enables quantitative Holter analysis for in-hospital cardiac patients.

The system was launched in March 2010.

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