Draeger Releases Infinity M300 Patient-Worn Monitor


August 12, 2008

Draeger Medical Inc. offers the Infinity M300 patient-worn monitor, which provides the performance of a full-size patient monitor, packaged in a compact patient-worn telemetry device for adult and pediatric patients.

The device’s new design supports hospitals in their initiatives to mobilize patients as early as possible to accelerate the healing process and provide a consistent level of monitoring care while mobile.

The first U.S. installation of the Infinity M300 was at Avera Heart Hospital of South Dakota, the region’s only hospital dedicated solely to the diagnosis and treatment of heart disease. The M300 is also installed at facilities in Germany.

In addition to monitoring ECG and SpO2, the Infinity M300 has built-in algorithms to enhance ECG processing and reduce false alarms – such as pacer detection software and ACE (Arrhythmia Classification Expert), an arrhythmia analysis tool.

Infinity M300 is designed to address the three major challenges of telemetry monitoring:

1. Viewing patient information at the patient’s side.

Unlike traditional telemetry products, which have no screen, Infinity M300 has a color display that shows the patient’s ECG for all monitored leads, heart rate, SpO2, and electrode status. This enables clinical staff to access monitored data and react promptly without having to go to the central monitoring station. It also shows patient demographics to help confirm the patient’s identification before giving medication, taking blood samples, or performing treatments.

2. Hearing and responding to alarms.

Infinity M300 has built-in alarming and alarm controls, which provide alarm alerts both at the patient’s side and the Infinity CentralStation workstation. The color display helps the clinician assess alarms and respond accordingly.

3. Eliminating the cost and effort associated with disposable batteries.

Infinity M300 has a built-in battery, which can be recharged via a bedside charger while the patient is wearing the device, or at a multi-device charger at the central monitoring station.

Based on industry-standard 802.11b technology, Infinity M300 provides continuous standalone monitoring – even if the patient inadvertently moves out of the hospital’s wireless network coverage area. Bidirectional communication between Infinity M300 and Draeger’s Infinity CentralStation facilitates wireless data exchange and signal integrity.

August 2008