ELI 10 Puts Powerful ECG in the Clinician’s Hands


November 15, 2007

An ECG that fits in the palm of your hand, Mortara Instrument’s ELI 10 hand-held electrocardiograph includes a variety of advanced clinical and communication features.

The lightweight, anatomically designed ELI 10 reportedly allows for complete mobility and ease of use. With a full keyboard for accurate data entry and real-time display of ECG waveforms and interpretation results, the ELI 10 provides instant quality feedback to the clinician with intuitive interpretation, measurements and waveforms at hand. Mortara VERITAS analysis algorithm provides silent second opinion for 12-lead ECG interpretation. Built with flexible connectivity options to streamline practice workflow, the FDA-cleared ELI 10 can transmit ECGs from remote locations via WLAN or GSM technology or integrated modem and Ethernet LAN for wired transmission.