Enhanced Vendor-Neutral ECG Data Management Solution Supports 15-Leads


March 16, 2010

The IMPAX HeartStation ECG Management System now supports 15-lead ECG and provides the ability to store and view stress test and Holter monitor measurements. Automating ECG processing and storage with the system improves clinical workflow. The system provides a single point of access to historical and current ECG exams in a universally familiar and easy-to-read format. It improves physician access to ECG exams by providing the ability to display, review, edit, confirm, print, and archive ECGs throughout the secure hospital network, wherever it extends.

The system supports both 12- and 15-lead ECG. It is a vendor-neutral solution, compatible with equipment from multiple vendors of ECG systems, including GE, Philips, Mortara, and Schiller, stress test equipment, and Holter monitors.

Comprehensive workflow management software guides the processing of an ECG from the time it is received from a cardiograph, until the final diagnostic report is stored in the CVIS database and exported to the EMR. Workflow is based on easily configurable rules of conditions met that automate specified outcomes such as report distribution, storage, and export.

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