Everist Genomics Offers Real-Time Heart Monitoring Smartphone Software


November 14, 2011

The CardioDefender diagnostic system from Everist Genomics is the first U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA)-approved and CE mark-registered smartphone echocardiogram (ECG) system to provide hospital-quality heart rhythm monitoring outside of the hospital setting. The system incorporates several capabilities enabling physicians to diagnose and treat potentially life-threatening arrhythmias that might otherwise be missed.

CardioDefender is the first system to deliver mobile, real-time, beat-by-beat, and quantitative heart monitoring and automated reporting by combining patented analytical smartphone software with a Bluetooth device and electrodes. The electrodes—which are attached to the patient's skin—transmit heart rhythm data to the Bluetooth device, which then transmits it to the smartphone. The software analyzes the data, which data is sent to a cardiac monitoring center; the center keeps an encrypted record of the data that can be reviewed by physicians.

Physicians are also able to receive arrhythmia alerts via their smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer. In the event of a significant arrhythmia, the system will automatically transmit an alert to the patient's physician while the event is occurring.

For more information: www.everistgenomics.com