Cardiac CT Report Engine Significantly Cuts Time to Diagnosis


February 21, 2011

The CCTA report engine, a cardiac computed tomography (CT) report engine from MDDX, saves physicians time, presents instant feedback on their interpretation and vastly reduces time to diagnosis.

In a series of tests conducted by MDDX, the report engine was 24 percent and 73 percent faster than voice dictation or Word templates, respectively. It was beta-tested in 28 medical centers in 11 countries. The software eliminates the need for costly and error-prone voice dictation by using a simple “click and done” interface. By increasing the accuracy of the physician’s input, the software provides real-time, evidence-based clinical feedback from more than 160 expert cardiology and radiology rules. Besides providing instantaneous guidance, the software generates quarterly benchmark reports to the physician and their medical facility.

The report engine significantly cuts the final reporting time from days to seconds and guides physicians to a more accurate diagnosis by keeping them up-to-date on rapidly evolving clinical wisdom.

It can record over 9,000 endpoints, and the multi-user software platform represents an important advance in allowing a collaborative workflow by centralizing the patient record and crosschecking the work of the entire team against the ever-growing body of clinical wisdom.

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