NICaS CS Testing Device Detects Asymptomatic Heart Failure Patients


September 10, 2009

NI Medical's NICaS CS device assesses left ventricular systolic dysfunction (LVSD), to detect heart failure in its preclinical, asymptomatic phase. It uses impedance technology for measuring cardiac output, cardiac index, cardiac power, stroke index, and total peripheral resistance.

It uses an algorithm, the Granov Goor Index (GGI), which allows primary care physician to detect LVSD during the asymptomatic phase in an ordinary physical examination. The company said the device can detect hibernating myocardium, a primary cause of sudden cardiac death (SCD).

One double electrode is placed on the patient’s wrist and one on the ankle. The patient does not need to undress or be shaved. The entire process takes three to four minutes. The NICaS electrodes are connected to the impedance device within a laptop computer. The laptop’s screen serves as the monitor.

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