Boston Scientific Rhythmia EP Mapping System


August 1, 2013

Boston Scientific Corp.'s Rhythmia mapping system is a next-generation 3-D mapping and navigation solution for use in cardiac catheter ablations and other electrophysiology (EP) procedures to diagnose or treat a variety of conditions in which the heart beats abnormally. 

Cardiac mapping has become a standard tool for the diagnosis and treatment of arrhythmias. Current mapping systems require a manual, labor-intensive process to create maps, making tradeoffs between accuracy and speed. Current systems also offer limited indication of therapy success. The Rhythmia mapping system is designed to intelligently automate map creation, increasing the speed and improving the density of mapping compared to existing systems. The system also features vMap, a validation map, which is designed to enable electrophysiologists to rapidly confirm the endpoints of the ablation treatment for the first time.

The Rhythmia mapping system received U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) 510(k) clearance in July 2013 and CE mark approval in May 2013. Boston Scientific is offering the Rhythmia mapping system with the company's 64-electrode IntellaMap Orion high-resolution mapping catheter, which has also received FDA 510(k) clearance.

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