New Class of Angiography Systems Offers Fixed Image Quality, Mobile C-Arm Versatility

Class offers fixed system image quality and features with versatility of a mobile C-arm


March 27, 2012
The GE Healthcare Discovery IGS 730 angiography imaging system.

The GE Healthcare Discovery IGS 730 angiography imaging system is the first to capture the advantages of floor- and ceiling-mounted systems and the mobility of a mobile C-arm. The system has a wireless, motorized, wheeled gantry that is laser-guided so it can be parked in the corner of the room when not in use, or moved out of the way for open procedures or patient patient transport. The gantry comes with a new wide bore design, which allows for steep angles, ease in 3-D acquisition, especially for large patients. 

The Innova IGS 520/530 systems offer an operating room (OR) option to expand the use of its Innova imaging system in the hybrid OR setting. With specifically designed table and accessories, the Innova IGS 520/530 OR enables both transcatheter and open surgical procedures in the one room.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) cleared the systems in early 2012.

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