Magellan Robotic System Precisely Navigates Peripheral Lesions

Company to Commence Commercial Launch in the United States


June 5, 2012

The Hansen Medical Magellan Robotic System is the first robotic navigation system to more precisely guide peripheral artertery disease (PAD) interventions in the cath lab. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) granted market clearance for the device in June 2012.

The Magellan Robotic System is intended to facilitate navigation to anatomical targets in the peripheral vasculature and subsequently provide a conduit for manual placement of therapeutic devices. The system has the potential to provide vascular surgeons and other interventionalists the ability to perform fast and predictable procedures, while allowing the physician to be seated comfortably away from the radiation source, which may reduce radiation exposure and physician fatigue.

The Magellan Robotic System may offer important clinical benefits for physicians performing peripheral interventions, providing  independent robotic control of both catheter tips to navigate efficiently through a variety of anatomies and lesions. The platform has the potential to increase efficiencies in the interventional lab by shortening procedure times and allowing more predictable interventions. 

The Magellan system received a CE mark in the European Union in 2011. 

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