MindChild Meridian Noninvasive Fetal Heart Rate Monitor

Meridian provides continuous noninvasive fetal heart rate readings using surface electrodes


September 28, 2012
MindChild Medical Inc. Meridian Fetal ECG

MindChild's Meridian noninvasive fetal heart rate monitor measures and displays fetal heart rate (FHR). Meridian acquires and displays the FHR tracing from abdominal surface electrodes that detect the fetal ECG signal (fECG). Meridian may also be used to measure and display fetal heart rate using direct ECG (DECG) with a fetal scalp electrode (FSE). Meridian is designed for women who are at term (> 36 completed weeks), in labor, with singleton pregnancies, using surface electrodes on the maternal abdomen. Meridian is intended for use by healthcare professionals in a clinical setting.

Meridian received U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) clearance in September 2012.

For more information: www.mindchild.com