Remote Patient Monitoring Solution offered for Smartphones


July 30, 2010

A cardiac patient remote monitoring solution feeds live information to smart phones. The software includes the AirStrip Remote Patient Monitoring solution (RPM), including AirStrip RPM Critical Care and AirStrip RPM Cardiology.

AirStrip now extends its virtual real time remote patient monitoring technology to a broad array of acute patient clinical settings, which include the intensive care unit, the emergency department, the operating room, the neonatal intensive care unit (ICU), and virtually any other care environment.

The AirStrip RPM solution allows clinicians unprecedented remote access to critical patient data in virtual real time. Medical professionals will use their smart phones to see vital signs, critical waveform data and other clinical information, which is sent directly from the hospital and can be accessed from virtually anywhere a cellphone or other wireless connection is available.

Initially developed for the Apple iPhone operating system, the AirStrip RPM Critical Care and Cardiology solutions will now be available to medical professionals who use the iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4, iPod Touch, and the iPad. Development of the expanded AirStrip RPM solutions for other smart phone brands is being pursued.

The new version of the software was released in July 2010.

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