St. Jude Medical Attune Annuloplasty Ring Suited for Robotic Valve Repair


May 7, 2009

St. Jude Medical's Attune Flexible Adjustable Annuloplasty Ring for the repair of diseased heart valves is a flexible ring designed to support a repair of the heart’s mitral valve. The ring’s flexibility allows the annulus to continue its natural movement as the valve opens and closes, thus contributing to more physiologic valve function. The ability to adjust the ring post-implant promotes ideal leaflet alignment to reduce or eliminate residual regurgitation, or small leaks after the repair.

Unlike most other flexible annuloplasty rings that have a fixed size, St. Jude said the Attune ring can be adjusted after it is sutured to the annulus – a feature that allows physicians greater control in altering its size and shape to contribute to a more refined repair specific to fit each patient’s heart valve anatomy. The Attune ring is suitable for repairs performed with open chest, minimally invasive or robotic surgical approaches, St. Jude said.

The device was FDA approved in May 2009.