TomTec MRI 2-D Cardiac Performance Analysis


November 1, 2012

TomTec Imaging Systems GmbH's 2-D Cardiac Performance Analysis Magnetic Resonance (2-D CPA MR) is a vendor-independent software solution for the quantification of myocardial function with cardiac MR cine images. 2-D CPA MR presents a novel method to analyze myocardial deformation from routine CMR images, which have been acquired as part of a conventional cardiovascular MR examination — no time consuming tagging is necessary.

Based on innovative feature-tracking technology, 2-D CPA MR calculates regional and global velocity, displacement, strain and strain-rate parameters.

With minimal user interaction, the manual trace of a single endocardial contour serves as initial pattern from which the system tracks the displacement of myocardial structures over the length of a complete heart cycle. The software tracks endo- and epicardium, and describes left ventricular deformation in terms of longitudinal, radial and circumferential components. 

The software received U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) clearance in April 2012.

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