iFR Modality Offers Easier, Faster FFR Measurements In Cath Lab

Offers easier, faster FFR measurements in the cath lab


April 22, 2014
FDA Clearnace Volcano Corp. iFR Modality FFR Catheter Cath Lab

Volcano Corp.'s  iFR Modality is a physiologic measurement performed using the same pressure wires and equipment utilized in cath labs for fractional flow reserve (FFR), but avoids injection of hyperemic agents into the patient that induce stress to the heart.  This allows for a meaningful, lesion-specific assessment in seconds by amplifying the resting pressure waveform. The iFR Modality is currently installed on more than 300 systems around the world, primarily in Europe and Japan. FDA clearance now means that more than 90 percent of Volcano's worldwide installed base of multi-modality systems can be upgraded.

The iFR Modality is used most efficiently with Volcano's recently-introduced Verrata Pressure Guide Wire, which is designed for simple disconnection and reattachment during a procedure, and facilitates making quick measurements multiple times during a procedure without injecting hyperemic agents each time.

iFR Modality received FDA clearance in April 2014.