Filter Reduces Complications During Balloon Angioplasty


August 30, 2006

The FilterWire EZ System is a low-profile filter mounted on a guide wire that reduces complications during balloon angioplasty and stenting procedures in SVGs. The filter captures embolic material that becomes dislodged during interventions, which would otherwise travel into the microvasculature where it would pose an increased risk for a heart attack.

The system is a second-generation product with focused improvements on effectiveness and ease of use, providing greater predictability for SVG stenting and angioplasty procedures. This system provides a 110 micron pore filter, which allows continual perfusion, reducing concerns about potential ischemia; a filter that accommodates contrast injections for greater lesion visibility and more accurate stent placement; a suspended loop design that allows the filter to be placed in both straight and curved vessels, maintaining vessel wall apposition even with changing wire bias; and a highly flexible tip with a 3.2F delivery sheath crossing profile and smooth transition.