Optima MR360 Advance and Brivo MR355 Inspire Enhance Performance

Optima MR360 Advance and Brivo MR355 Inspire are designed to enhance performance and patient experience, all at a low total cost of ownership


April 1, 2013
Optima MR360 Advance, GE, MRI
Optima MR360 Advance

The Optima MR360 Advance and Brivo MR355 Inspire are two new 1.5T MR scanners from GE Healthcare

The Optima MR360 Advance system offers a newly-designed Express suite of coils with 16 channel head and neck array, anterior array, and flex coils that enable faster workflow. Additionally, the Optima MR360 Advance is available with 18 new clinical applications including the Needle Free suite that strives to reduce the need for biopsy, contrast, and sedation. The Optima MR360 Advance also features the OpTix RF, which offers analog to digital signal inside the scan room to minimize noise and signal degradation, resulting in high-quality clinical images.

The Brivo MR355 Inspire is designed to be an easy-to-use 1.5T MR system. This system also features OpTix RF as well as READY Interface, The Brivo MR355 Inspire system is engineered to combine the diagnostic benefits of high-performance MR technology with a low total cost of ownership.

Both the Optima MR360 and the Brivo MR355 are ecomagination certified and are engineered to drive low operating costs by using eco-friendly technologies like efficient gradients, water-cooling systems, super capacitors, and power distribution units.

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