HeartStart Mrx Aims to Start the Treatment Clock Sooner


March 31, 2008

The upgraded Philips HeartStart MRx monitor/defibrillator aims to further help the industry realize door-to-balloon guidelines of less than 90 minutes by enabling hospitals to start the clock sooner, organizing their resources, including activating the cath lab, before a STEMI patient arrives.

Helping to maximize efficient patient care, the HeartStart MRx enables a paramedic in the field to quickly acquire and wirelessly transmit a suspected STEMI patient’s 12-lead ECG report to multiple locations, including the interventional cardiologist’s office, so that they may begin preparing for the patient’s care. As a result, the scheduling, diagnostic assessments and routing activities, which usually start once a patient arrives, can begin while the patients is en route, saving valuable time.