HIT Application Solutions Announces Partnership with Merge Healthcare


February 18, 2014
Merge HIT Application Solutions Merge Notifi Cardiac PACS Radiology Information

HIT Application Solutions partners with Merge Healthcare Inc. to integrate its Notifi platform with Merge RIS, a Meaningful Use (MU) outpatient radiology information system. The solution, to be marketed as Merge Notifi, will initially automate appointment reminders and make patient results available through messages for Merge customers.

Merge Notifi is a HIPPA compliant service. 

Merge Notifi integrates within Merge RIS and Merge PACS, a real-time picture archiving communication system.

Notifi is an enterprise-wide, intelligent communication engine that automates alert and notification processes involving event-driven parameters across the continuum of care. By filtering incoming information to identify what is important and prioritizing delivery based on criticality, the solution aims to resolve some communication challenges both within and outside the walls of the healthcare enterprise. 

The partnership was announced in February 2014. 

For more information: www.healthitservices.com, merge.com