iCT Elite CT Provides Low-dose, Low-energy Scanning


May 12, 2014
iCT, philips, CT
The iCT Elite CT system provides low dose, low energy, and low noise with premium results. It is built on technologies that uphold patient-centric clinical quality, including low-contrast resolution and good image quality with reduced artifacts.
The system ices IMR, low-contrast resolution software, to help  simultaneously achieve 60–80 percent lower dose, 43–80 percent improved low-contrast detectability, and 70–83 percent lower noise. 
It also uses the iDose⁴ Premium Package iterative reconstruction software to improve low-dose image quality and metal artifact prevention. It also  increases spatial resolution at low dose. 
For more information: www.usa.philips.com/healthcare-products/HCNCTD332/ct-scanners-ict-elite-ct-scanner#resource-library