IDev Interwoven Nitinol, Self-Expanding Stent Designed for Malignant Strictures in the Biliary Tree


September 12, 2008

IDev Technologies’ SUPERA interwoven nitinol self-expanding stent is designed for palliative treatment of malignant strictures in the biliary tree.

The device is the first interwoven nitinol self-expanding stent available in the U.S. The company said SUPERA represents an advance over traditional laser cut nitinol tube stents in offering more than 360 percent greater radial strength than the next strongest offering. due to the interwoven wire design. Unlike traditional laser cut nitinol tube stents, the interwoven nitinol wire design allows for enhanced product strength without compromising product flexibility, the company said. SUPERA has been tested and to withstand more than 10,000,000 cycles of repeated bending and flexing to 120 degrees without fracture in an engineering bench fatigue study.

The stent was launched in the U.S. and Europe in early 2007.

August 2008