Immersion Medical Offers CathLabVR Simulator System


May 26, 2009

The virtual-reality CathLabVR System by Immersion Medical fills roughly the same space as real cath lab equipment. It includes two monitors. One displays fluoroscopic views, virtual assistant functions, navigation control, and simulated patient information. The other is for displaying physio, cine, and still images. There are also controls for the C-arm, total procedure running time, fluoroscopy and cine radiation time, and contrast instilled. There is a manifold for contrast instillation, balloons, balloon stents, guide wire, and catheter. A foot pedal is used to capture cines and control fluoroscopy. A joystick is maneuvered to simulate a C-arm. A keyboard and mouse can also be used to make onscreen selections.

Multiple endovascular simulation modules cover a variety of situations and procedures, including coronary and peripheral vascular interventions, cardiac pacing, cardiac valve replacements, and carotid interventions.

The system’s SmartCapture tool recognition enhances realism by automatically recognizing and responding to instrument insertion and removal. The simulator uses four carriages enabling the insertion and rotation of up to four instruments simultaneously. In addition, the CathLab VR simulator’s physics-based haptic engine provides realistic changes in simulated physiology.

The percutaneous coronary intervention (PCI) simulation modules (PCI and Advanced PCI) each provide 10 progressively difficult cases that include patient history and pre-procedure steps that have been completed to prepare the virtual patient.

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