Intrinsic Medical Imaging Introduces Matrix Volumetric Analytics for Advanced Anatomical Interrogation


November 12, 2012
IMI Matrix Volumetric Analytics Software Advanced Visualization

Matrix Volumetric Analytics Software for advanced anatomical interrogation enables assessment of vascular and heart structure pre- and post-surgery for a wide variety of procedures.

Intrinsic Medical Imaging’s Matrix Volumetric Analytics affords the user fluidity of movement and thorough interrogation of complex anatomy.

Matrix Volumetric Analytics software provides clinicians with unprecedented advanced visualization, interrogation and quantification of complex anatomical structures data generated by standard computed tomography scanners. IMI’s patented revolutionary image-rendering techniques deliver non-compressed, full-fidelity anatomical tools, allowing true virtual x, y, and z-axis visual exploration and quantification in every dimension. Further, while minimizing device artifacts, Matrix Volumetric Analytics allows novel clinical assessment of complex and tortuous anatomical structures, enabling unbridled examination of even the most obscured pre- and post-surgical anatomy.

IMI’s Matrix Volumetric Analytics places the practitioner directly within the complex anatomical structure, creating a ‘on-demand’ virtual bird’s-eye view of all surrounding anatomy. Although the ability to make 2-D measurements will be standard, the unique visual interrogation and appreciation of complex and tortuous anatomy, surgical structures, stents and other implanted devices within complex three-dimensional vascular and cardiac environments is finally a reality. Aortic dissections, EVAR and TAVR procedures, among other structural heart device applications, require precise measurement and visual exploration throughout the entire “X, Y, and Z” imaging planes. IMI’s Matrix Volumetric Analytics provides freedom of movement throughout the human anatomy, allowing a full 360-degree field of volumetric examination by the clinical team responsible for patient outcomes.

Future innovations in areas such as pulmonary medicine for the assessment of COPD and emphysema, orthopedic precision implantation, and oncologic longitudinal tumor density tracking are all natural progressions for IMI’s unique algorithmic applications.

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