iPad ECG Report Viewer Allows Immediate Access


May 11, 2010

An iPad application integrates with and enhances the reporting and workflow management capabilities of a Web-based electrocardiogram (ECG) application. LifeWatch Services Inc. offers the remote ECG report TeleViewer application for the Apple iPad.

The software is part of the company’s new series of remote patient monitoring service packages called TeleClinics. The iPad’s ease-of-use, portability, convenience and multitouch capabilities are well suited to the timely review of patient remote monitoring reports that provide comprehensive and actionable information for physicians. These features can help increase productivity. Immediate access to critical patient data enables faster diagnosis and better treatment options and helps eliminate unnecessary and costly hospitalizations and readmissions.

The TeleViewer takes advantage of the large iPad screen to produce clear and accurate viewing images of both reports and ECG strips.

The new atrial fibrillation (AF) TeleClinic is available on the TeleViewer. LifeWatch provides iPad TeleViewers to physicians enrolled in the AF TeleClinic service. The treatment-focused service package provides a standard panel of monitoring tests at preset intervals and advanced analysis reporting tools for post-procedure AF patients.

The software was released in May 2010.
For more information: www.lifewatch.com