IVUS Integrated With Atherectomy Device


May 5, 2011
Volcano's intravascular ultrasound (IVUS) system is being combined with ev3's plaque excision systems. These systems, also called atherectomy devices, are catheters that remove plaque that blocks arteries and interrupts blood flow. Instead of compressing plaque against the vessel wall – as is the case with balloon and stent therapy alone – plaque excision systems remove the obstruction from the vessel, thereby restoring blood flow, reducing damage to the vessel wall, and preserving future treatment options. IVUS integration offers advantages in immediate assessment of the plaque to better guide therapy.

More than 270,000 atherectomy procedures have been performed with the SilverHawk and TurboHawk directional atherectomy catheters, which are designed to direct the therapy specifically to the diseased portion of the vessel while avoiding healthy portions of the vessel. The plaque excision catheters are designed to remove all plaque morphologies from diseased arteries, including calcified lesions.

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