Kardia ConnectedCare Allows Online, Fee-Per-Study Cardiovascular PACS


October 15, 2009

Kardia Health Systems ConnectedCare offers a complete, online, fee-per-study cardiovascular information system (CVIS). It combines structured reporting and picture archiving and communication systems (PACS) in an online solution. The company said this helps reduces information technology costs, while increasing efficiency and extending reach to more patients for practices of all sizes.

ConnectedCare is a comprehensive image management system for cardiology, including remote archiving, viewing, analysis and intelligent structured reporting, in one seamless solution. ConnectedCare includes Kardia's new ConnectedArchive, a unique remote archiving system that lets physicians edit and complete reports remotely, while eliminating the administrative task of implementing and maintaining a local archive. ConnectedCare provides plug and play integration with a wide range of cardiovascular modalities, instrumentation and EMR systems available.

The Web-based software gives doctors the ability to access full diagnostic quality DICOM images, edit and sign-off on their structured reports from home, on the road or any office location. ConnectedCare is priced on a fee-per-study basis, eliminating the large capital investment typically required for combined structured reporting PACS.

For more information: www.kardiahealth.com