Konica Minolta Creates ‘How To’ for Pulse Oximeters


December 20, 2007

The Instrument Systems Division of Konica Minolta Sensing, which markets the Pulsox series of pulse oximeters, has published an informative guide called How to Read SpO2, explaining how to correctly read pulse oximeters.

The 20-page color illustrated guide covers topics designed to put the vital subject of blood oxygenation right at your fingertips. With a dozen chapters ranging from How Does Oxygen Move Around the Body and What Is Oxygen Saturation, to Where is the Pulse Oximeter Used and What Are Permissible Levels of SpO2, the guide can effectively become a complete and effective source of information.

Every aspect of the use and understanding of the pulse oximeter is covered in the guide, which provides basic data on blood oxygenation and blood flow for those interested in all aspects of pulmonary monitoring and cardiovascular wellness. With several charts and graphs, readers can reportedly learn how oxygen gets into the blood in the first place, what other monitoring indicators mean, such as PaO2 (partial pressure of arterial blood) and how Home Oxygen Therapy (HOT) monitoring is handled.

December 2007