Line of ICDs Allow Doctors to Collect Information Remotely


June 29, 2006

The Concerto/Virtuoso line of implantable cardiac devices reportedly consists of cardiac rhythm disease management products that allow for automatic, wireless remote data transmission from a heart failure patient’s device to the doctor’s office.

By allowing doctors to collect patient information remotely, the devices reportedly have the potential to reduce the number of office visits needed to monitor the patient and alert the physician about dangerous trends that may occur in a patient’s heart function between examinations.

The system can provide an alert to the physician when a serious change in the patient’s condition (as defined by programmed device parameters, such as frequent episodes of atrial fibrillation that could lead to stroke or death) is detected. The remote CareAlerts may have the potential to contribute to treatment decisions before the patient’s condition worsens.

The new system will not eliminate, but is designed to reduce, the number of office visits for heart failure patients with the implantable therapies.