Mentice Offers VIST Enhanced Carotid, Coronary 7.7 Training Modules


May 26, 2009
The new and enhanced VIST Enhanced Carotid and Coronary 7.7 training modules, from Mentice, feature vital signs, complications, medication management and measurement functionality enhance to create clinical realism and elevate the educational value of simulation training. The system includes new patient cases, including chronic total occlusion and transradial access. The company said these cases challenge the learner to modify previously acquired skills to meet new procedural objectives. 

 The system offers vital signs recognition and response. ECG signals are derived from a model that recognizes a lack of oxygen supply to the heart. Any action that reduces oxygen supply will create changes in the ECG read out, requiring a trainee response. A select number of cases present complications that will occur as a result of trainee actions. For example, inserting a catheter too deeply into an ostium could result in spasm. Other complications are dissection, bradycardia and hypotension. Medication administration is now included to manage the complications the trainees encounter. Multiple cognitive decisions are required in this functionality, such as what medication, how much and how often. New measurement functionality allows the trainee to measure thing such as the diameter and length of lesions and reference vessels.