Monitoring Systems Plug in With PiCCO Plus


March 5, 2008

For patient monitoring systems not integrated with PiCCO-Technology, Pulsion Medical Systems offers the PiCCO parameters through a connection to a PiCCO plus Device.

The PiCCO plus device features: automatic catheter detection; use of room temperature as well as iced injectate; simplified, organ-related, graphical user interface; extended trend display for all parameters - up to 5 days; illuminated large display; individual parameter configuration; and battery backup.

Pulsion's PiCCO-Technology is said to provide minimally invasive and reportedly continuous monitoring of hemodynamic and volumetric parameters. The system provides the user with information to aid diagnosis of the patient's condition and thereby the necessary assistance in the decision process for optimal treatment. PiCCO-Technology is based on the transpulmonary thermodilution technique and arterial pulse contour analysis.

The use of PiCCO-Technology is indicated if hemodynamic and volumetric monitoring is necessary, for example patients in OR, medical, cardiac surgery or burn units, in whom central venous and arterial access is necessary for monitoring.

The PiCCO measurement provides specific and quantitative parameters designed for the fast diagnosis and treatment of the patient.

Parameters of the transpulmonary thermodilution include:

* Cardiac Output CO *

* Global End-Diastolic Volume GEDV

* Intrathoracic Blood Volume ITBV

* Extravascular Lung Water EVLW

* Cardiac Function Index CFI

Parameters of the continuous pulse contour analysis are:

* Pulse Contour Cardiac Output PCCO

* Arterial Blood Pressure AP

* Heart Rate HR

* Stroke Volume SV

* Stroke Volume Variation SVV

* Systemic Vascular Resistance SVR*