Mortara’s Digital Holter Provides Reportedly Superior Pacemaker Spike Detection


February 26, 2009

Mortara’s H12+ digital Holter record provides 12-lear data recorded beat by beat on a compact flash memory card for up to 48 hours. The devices features full graphic display to preview ECG waveform during patient hookup.

An alphanumeric patient ID card can be entered for unique identification of each recording. No external input devices are needed to enter the patient Id. A sampling frequency of 10,000 samples/sec/channel provides for reportedly superior pacemaker spike detection.

In collaboration with NASA’s Ames Research Center, Moffett Field, California, the H12+ digital recorder was used in NASA’s international space station habitation module on the Space Shuttle Endeavor launched from John F. Kennedy Space Center in November 2008. Information obtained from the H12+ can lead to specific countermeasures that may better protect future space travelers.