Mortara Introduces Wireless ECG Technology Platform


April 1, 2009

Mortara Instrument’s Wireless Acquisition Module (WAM) is the first go wireless product for resting ECG acquisition. The WAM is a high-fidelity diagnostic ECG acquisition module with integrated go wireless capabilities enabling transmission to Mortara ELI electrocardiographs. At the touch of a button an ECG can be acquired or rhythm strip initiated. The wireless capability eliminates the traditional expensive and bulky ECG cable and allows caregivers greater freedom of movement while acquiring electrocardiograms.

Wireless freedom of movement eases ECG acquisition, improving workflow in a variety of clinical scenarios such as crowded bedsides, cramped care areas, and difficult-to-maneuver spaces. Elimination of the cable also reduces a significant source of artifact to improve the quality of the acquired ECG.

The WAM was introduced at ACC 2009.