MR Package for Quantitative Analysis of the Heart


June 29, 2006

The CAAS MRV release 3 is ventricular analysis software designed to enable cardiologists and radiologists to perform functional analysis on cine-MRIs of the heart.
The package provides automatic segmentation of the endocardial and epicardial contours as well as papillary muscles on short-axis images. The contour detection is based on a method that makes use of the latest segmentation techniques. The new release has been extended with First Pass Perfusion analysis. Direct comparison of the First Pass Perfusion with the functional analysis results is provided in one overview.
Key features of CAAS MRV include automatic segmentation, automatic torsion and "through plane motion" correction, interactive 3-D visualization of results and a DICOM viewing option. The images from all MRI scanner vendors are supported, and the system can be integrated in all PACS solutions.