Navigational Ablation Catheter Features Microtensioning SystemNavigational Ablation Catheter Features Microtensioning System


July 13, 2007

Navigational Ablation Catheter Features Microtensioning System

The EZ Steer NAV Bi-Directional Catheter is a navigational ablation catheter designed to give physicians improved range of motion, ease of use and technical finesse during procedures to eliminate abnormal heart rhythms. It’s now available for use with the Carto XP System, which provides real-time feedback in guiding the catheter to the target.

The defining feature of the bi-directional catheter is its patented microtensioning system. With the micro-tensioning system physicians can, through a series of very small, continuous micromovements, progressively dial in the precise force desired for deflection of the catheter. Because the microtensioning system can hold the deflection in place, there is no need for repeated locking and unlocking of the curve position. Physicians should experience smooth deflection and a high degree of predictability.

The EZ Steer Catheters incorporate an ergonomically-inspired handle, a design that aids comfort and provides the physician with a feeling of “direct connection” with the catheter tip and target ablation area. It also acts as two curves in one catheter that provides physicians with continuity and procedural versatility.