3-D Imaging Tool Available in U.S.


June 28, 2010

A 3-D imaging technology is incorporated into the C-InSight technology from Mazor Surgical Technologies Ltd. It enables medical facilities to incorporate 3-D imaging capabilities into their existing 2-D, mobile C-arm X-ray devices used in operating rooms.

Though intraoperative 3-D imaging positively impacts surgical outcomes, such technologies are prohibitively expensive for most medical centers and often expose patients, surgeons and staff to high levels of radiation. Therefore, current standard of care relies on 2-D C-arms, which fail to provide surgeons with the in-depth imaging they need for intraoperative revisions. C-InSight transforms these 2-D C-arms into 3-D intraoperative imaging systems at a fraction of the price, while maintaining low radiation levels.

C-Insight provides surgeons with a high-quality 3-D image, allowing them to revise their work intraoperatively, significantly reducing the need for revision surgeries and decreasing post-surgical pain, disability and extensive rehabilitation for the patient.

The pairing of a C-arm with the C-InSight attachment emits approximately one-third less radiation than the average dedicated 3-D C-arm, significantly reducing the patient's and OR staff's exposure to radiation during surgery. C-InSight will also reduce the need for post operative CT (computed tomography) scans, further reducing radiation and additional cost and time to the patient.

For more information: www.mazorst.com