Compact ECG Designed for Mobile Use


July 19, 2010

A portable electrocardiogram (ECG) monitor features a reduced size and simple interface features. The DRE True ECG Plus is small enough to fit most surfaces in physician’s offices, hospitals and emergency response vehicles, is convenient for mobile use and features an alphanumeric keyboard and one-touch operation for easy data input and operation.

With this system, physicians can easily transfer data from the ECG system to a PC via an Ethernet or RS232 connection. Plus, optional Smart ECG Viewer software provides seamless PC-based data management.

Additional features of the DRE True ECG Plus ECG monitoring system include:

• A built-in rechargeable battery;
• Pacemaker detection;
• Automatic measurement and interpretation for adult and pediatric patients;
• Two-step exercise testing with periodic recording;
• Heart rate variability (HRV) analysis; and
• Recording: Internal thermal printer and connectivity with an external printer.
The DRE True ECG Plus is also available with a variety of optional features:

• Internal storage for up to 200 ECGs;
• PC-based data management software (Smart ECG Viewer);
• Report exportation in XML format;
• Memory and data transmission: SD card and card reader, and flash drive; and
• Rolling stand and carrying bag.