Introducer Product Line Offers Reliable Access, Facilitates Closure


March 11, 2010

The Engage and Engage TR (transradial) introducers are designed to minimize trauma to the artery and set the stage for closure using a closure device.

The Engage family of introducers is designed to create a smooth and reliable means of accessing vasculature for a wide variety of patients and procedures. The Engage Introducer is used for femoral access, in which physicians access the patient’s heart through the femoral vein or artery located near the groin; this portfolio includes 22 model configurations of varying sizes to accommodate a wide variety of procedures. The Engage TR Introducer portfolio includes 18 model configurations and expands the company’s product offering to include introducers used to facilitate transradial procedures.

Though uncommon, some risks reported by physicians during interventional and diagnostic procedures include bleeding, vessel trauma, vasospasm, or formation of blood clots within the introducer. The Engage introducers incorporate features that offer physicians more control and minimize these risks both during access and throughout the procedure.

The devices were cleared by the FDA in March 2010. They also have CE mark clearance in Europe.

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