iAorticValve iPhone application Helps Doctors Access Heart Valve Information


October 20, 2009

iMobileHealth offers the iAorticValve Web site and iPhone application to allow doctors and patients to access and use critical aortic valve information and have it at their fingertips in a mobile form. The application allows easy access to information spread across different sources and creates a portal for connection, feedback and better health decisions.

Features of the iAorticValve application include a searchable database where doctors and patients can find comprehensive information about all percutaneous, tissue and mechanical aortic valves available in the marketplace, searchable by valve name or device company. Doctors can enter specialties, specific procedures and valves they’ve used. Patients can enter their condition, procedures and other details. Both can enter contact information in order to facilitate patient-doctor connections and quick access to experts.

The application allows users to access a comprehensive listing of experts, which will also contain a searchable map of all cardiac surgeons or cardiologists, information on their experience and specialties, and contact information

The site also allows doctors direct access to white papers on health-related topics through pubmed.gov, a service of the U.S. National Library of Medicine and the National Institutes of Health.

The software was released in October 2009.

For more information: www.imobilehealthcare.com