New Jetstream Atherectomy Catheter Creates Larger Lumen


June 22, 2012

As the largest diameter rotational atherectomy device in the Jetstream catheter family, the Jetsream Navitus L atherectomy catheter can create a lumen 30 percent larger than the standard Navitus device. 

Intended to treat above-the-knee peripheral artery disease (PAD), the Navitus L can be used in multiple lesions morphologies, including calcium and thrombus while providing differential cutting, to remove the lesion materials while preserving the soft vessel walls.  Like all Jetstream Atherectomy catheters, the Navitus L provides continuous, active aspiration and the unique front-facing cutting head. Like the original Navitus, the Navitus L offers two-stage cutting with expandable blade technology allowing physicians to treat both common femoral artery (CFA) and superficial femoral artery (SFA) disease with a single catheter. 

The company launched the device in June 2012.

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