New Ultrasound Thrombolysis System Introduced


November 23, 2009

Using less lytic drug and offering faster clot dissolution than traditional deep vein thrombosis (DVT) treatments, the EkoSonic MACH4e with Rapid Pulse Modulation (RPM) achieves faster removal of arterial and venous clots.

For simplicity, the new system automates a number of manual steps, making it easier to use. The company said the system can be used to treat clots in veins, arteries, IVC filters and difficult-to-reach places such as behind valves. The ultrasound waves help increase drug uptake by the clot and uses 50-70 percent less lytic drug . It reduces the risk pf thrombus fracture or breakage, reducing the risk of distal embolism, or post thrombotic syndrome (PTS).

The new system was introduced in November 2009.

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