Vascular Closure Device has More Consistent Sealant Delivery


January 12, 2011

The Mynx Cadence Vascular Closure Device (VCD), from AccessClosure, offers physicians smoother device deployment while maintaining all the benefits of the original Mynx.

Three design changes on the device make it easier and more consistent to deploy. A definitive shuttle stop when deploying the sealant reduces the possibility of over-shuttling. Additionally, a single marker on the advancer tube removes any guesswork around sealant compression. Finally, a new sealant sleeve protects the sealant during deployment and shortens the procedure time by eliminating the need to pre-soak during device preparation. These changes result in more consistent sealant delivery.

It utilizes a conformable, water-soluble polyethylene glycol (PEG) sealant to seal the femoral artery, which dissolves within 30 days, leaving nothing behind but a healed artery. The device received its first FDA approval in May 2007, has been used in over 700,000 procedures and is available in two sizes for 5F and 6F/7F procedural sheaths.

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