SPECT/CT Captures Low Dose, High-Res CT Images


June 16, 2008

The Philips BrightView XCT integrates Philips BrightView SPECT in a coplanar design with advanced flat-detector X-ray CT technology to acquire low dose, high resolution CT images and to improve registration confidence.

The BrightView XCT features technological advances that enable low patient dose levels, high-resolution localization and high-quality attenuation correction with the potential for fewer artifacts and shorter exam times. This offers clinical advantages particularly in cardiology studies, the top procedure in nuclear medicine. In addition, the coplanar SPECT and CT capabilities limit, and in some cases eliminate, the need to move the table between scans.

Reduced movement can help improve patient comfort and allow for more confidence in image registration, the process of comparing, matching and superimposing the SPECT and CT images on one another for analysis. The BrightView XCT is also the only scalable SPECT and SPECT/CT system that fits into a 12-by-15.5-foot room and does not require special certification for nuclear medicine technicians.

It also features Full Iterative Technology, the first and only SPECT/CT system to make such a claim. The new low-dose, flat-panel CT iterative reconstruction improves localization by delivering better uniformity and less noise. The value of Astonish SPECT is well-established, and the new development lays the critical iterative-CT foundation. This is the only CT platform designed specifically for nuclear medicine.

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