Integrated Mobile Solution Lets Clinicians, EMS Crews Share ECGs


November 16, 2010

The integrated, lifesaving mobile solution combines AirStrip Cardiology, which allows clinicians to dynamically view a patient’s ECG history, and Physio-Control’s Lifenet System, a Web-based data transmission network.

The system was formed after the two companies entered into a joint partnership in 2010.

Used together, they allow for collaboration between emergency medical services (EMS), emergency department (ED) and cardiology teams, especially when transporting heart attack patients.

AirStrip Cardiology, available on smartphones and tablet devices, receives 12-lead ECG waveforms, vital signs and other data transmitted wirelessly from EMS crews’ Lifepak 12 and 15 defibrillator/monitors. Clinicians can then access the data from anywhere in the hospital and review and respond to it on their iPhone with Lifenet Consult. In addition, clinicians who are AirStrip users will have advanced viewing capabilities.

It lets clinicians provide any necessary clinical assistance, direct EMS crews to the appropriate care facility and prepare for the arrival accordingly. With the integrated solution, these capabilities are available to clinicians anytime, anywhere on their smartphone or tablet device.

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