Polycom Practitioner Cart, HDX Solutions Offer Telecardiology Capability


April 9, 2009

Telecommunications company Polycom offers the Polycom Practitioner Cart, which offers high-definition video, audio and image sharing to medical professionals and patients no matter where they are located. The telemedicine solution can be wheeled around a hospital to bring high definition cameras and two way telecommunications to patients in need of specialists who are miles away.

The system uses a high definition 720p 30/60 fps or 1,080p resolution for diagnostic quality images. The platform holds a laptop/PC, is highly mobile, offers a small footprint, and has an enclosed technology compartment for security and spill protection. The system uses AES encryption for HIPAA compliancy and is UL 60601 compliant for use in patient care environments. The system is wireless with battery power and a wireless antenna.

The system accepts additional peripheral medical devices with an integrated switch box and connection panel for use with digital in-band stethoscopes, video scopes or ultrasound. The screen is height adjustable to maintain eye contact

All standards based medical peripheral devices are interoperable so the practitioner cart is ideal for broadcasting medical procedures for education or telementoring. The system has applications for both telestroke and telecardiology.

For more information: www.polycom.com